Ductless Mini-Splits

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When it comes to having an excellent comfort with a heating and cooling system, it's about more than just basic comfort; it's about matching it to your lifestyle. When you select Daikin for your home, you are selecting a company that specializes in indoor heating, cooling, and air quality. We have everything you need to enjoy your home, from personalized comfort controls to keep everyone happy, to energy-saving technologies and quietly operating equipment.

Comfort Control

Customized comfort control is one of the most significant advances in technology. Individual sensors in each room, remote control, and single point thermostats are all features of Daikin Mini Splits. You'll get accurate, targeted comfort control throughout your home with these features and self-adjusting inverter-based technology in your new heating and air conditioning unit. We have the technology and expertise to provide you with the best comfort control in your home, no matter where you are or what your preferences are.

Energy Efficient

Heating and cooling systems are now more energy efficient than ever. Daikin's indoor units are designed to keep temperatures stable and energy consumption consistent. Your energy consumption will be significantly lower than with older technology, in some cases by up to 50%. Individual room controls allow you to adjust settings for each room individually, as well as adjust for rooms that are not in use.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology from Daikin results in a smarter, more efficient compressor system. This technology appraises heating and cooling requirements and adjusts the compressor accordingly. This way, you only use the energy required to cool or heat a single room. This technology, in turn, lowers annual heating and cooling costs and ensures that your home has a lower environmental impact.